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Example Activities

We have a variety of fun hands-on lessons about habitats, animal tracks, seasons & animal adaptations, water cycle & watersheds, prairie ecology & more.
Our lobby area has a variety of native animals to see and learn about, as well as fun interactive educational displays and scavenger hunts.

Pond Ecology

Students examine some of the various living organisms in King Lake (the lake outside the doors of PAROC). We have students learn about sampling for aquatic invertebrates, then they go outside and collect.

They bring their collections inside to examine and try to identify organisms using keys and microscopes. Recommended for second grade and older. 1-2 hours.

Nature Hike/Walk

We have a nature bingo card that can be used during a ~1.5 mile hike through the nearby Campus Woods. We have a tree identification scavenger hunt for a hike as well!

All ages. 45 min – 1 hour (or longer depending on the pace & group).

Seasons and Animal Adaptations

Our native animals and plants have remarkable abilities to survive throughout the year. Join us to learn more about a variety of topics including where bees and butterflies go during the winter, what plants are blooming in the spring, summer, and fall, and more!

All ages. 45 minutes or longer depending on the group and time to explore outside.

Water Cycle & Watersheds

Water is a vital resource for all the living organisms on our planet. Through hands-on learning activities, we will move like a water drop through the water cycle, examine how landscapes affect where water travels, and how our actions may impact the quality of this important resource.

All ages. 1 – 2 hrs.

Habitat Building for Native Animals

This hands-on learning activity gives students the opportunity to learn about native animals and their needs for survival. Students will get a brief overview of a native animal, and then use a variety of items to build a unique habitat.

All ages. 45 minutes – 1 hour.

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