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History of PAROC

Emporia State University named its Aquatic Research and Outreach Center for Dr. Carl W. Prophet who first experienced Emporia State's high-impact learning practices more than 60 years ago as a student in biological sciences.


The PAROC is a facility built on the shores of ESU’s King Lake. The building is supported by poles that elevate the facility more than 6 feet above ground-level. The PAROC has three laboratories, a large flexible-use outreach classroom, and live animal exhibits featuring aquatic species native to our region. The largest laboratory space is designed to house experimental aquatic tanks that will provide opportunities for experimental studies on aquatic organisms. In addition, the Neosho River and a variety of outdoor learning spaces can be easily accessed via the Dale Greiner Nature Trail that winds through the ESU Campus Woods.

Thank you to the people that made PAROC Possible.

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