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Research Opportunities

The PAROC aquatic lab space is a shared resource for faculty and students.

If you would like to use the PAROC lab space, email the Research Director Rachel Bowes for more information. 


Dr. Rachel Bowes

Dr. Rachel Bowes is the Research Director here at PAROC as well as an ESU professor. Among the many projects that she leads at PAROC, she taught a fisheries management course in the Fall 2022 semester that was built around the fact that students can write their own management plan for King Lake. During the course, the students wrote their own management plan, collaborated with KDWP, and stocked King Lake with catfish and rainbow trout! This course was made possible because PAROC is on top up King Lake, which was the impetus for designing the course.

For more information about Dr. Rachel Bowes's lab, research students, and research projects, visit her website.

Dr. Erika Martin

Dr. Erika Martin is a professor at ESU and is using the PAROC facility to lead her stream ecology class. 

"We first explore the abiotic dynamics of stream systems and how those are affected by spatial scale. Then, we dive in to the biotic environment where we learn to identify organisms and their role in the ecosystem. We go on a variety of field trips to experience different local habitat types, and meet guest speakers with careers in aquatic science who demonstrate the variety of opportunities: authors, artists, educators, and scientists." - Dr. Erika Martin

For information on Dr. Erika Martin's lab, research students, and research projects, visit her website.

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