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Field Trips

The Prophet Aquatic Research & Outreach Center (PAROC) offers science and nature - based programs that your school or group can participate in as stand-alone field trips or as an extension for a Project Based Learning experience. These programs are provided free of charge and must be scheduled at least two weeks prior to the desired date (we recommend more advanced notice to secure a spot). Please contact the PAROC for more information and to schedule your field trip.

Programs are designed specifically for your group and include a hands-on active learning component. The length of time for a program depends on your needs and may include a hike along the Dale Greiner Nature Trail that winds along the Neosho River through Emporia State University’s Campus Woods. We recommend a maximum group size of 30 people, but we can explore options for larger groups through station rotations around the PAROC and/or ESU campus.

Project-Based Learning

Extend your Project Based Learning curriculum at the PAROC through a hands-on active learning experience. Your students can deepen their understanding of the natural world through active learning activities. Whether you design the PBL as a class or in groups, you can tailor the experiences to the topic.


We can cater our resources and activities to the specific needs of your school/classroom.